Incorporating mPOS for a True Omni-Channel Experience

One of the biggest buzzwords in commerce today is omni-channel. In the simplest terms, omni-channel means that no matter which channel is the touch point of the moment to the consumer – a payment terminal in a store, an online storefront, or a retailer’s app on a mobile device – their experience should be seamless, streamlined, secure and optimized for the needs of each channel.

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EMV Q&A: Things everyone should know about EMV

In most other countries, card-present fraud has been virtually eliminated by the widespread implementation of EMV; as a result, that fraud has moved to the U.S., where magnetic stripe technology prevails. Adopting EMV will require operational changes for the Issuer, the Merchant, the Processor and the Acquirer. Here are a few of the things everyone in the industry should understand about implementing EMV:

Why is the mag-stripe technology more susceptible to fraud?

Magnetic stripe data is static – the same information is sent on every transaction. Because magnetic stripe cards have no reliable means of authentication, cardholder authentication is limited to:

  1. signature comparison, which is notoriously subjective and inaccurate, or
  2. ZIP code verification (in some cases), which will not necessarily cause a transaction to decline because it is not specific to an individual cardholder.
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