Managing Increased Patient Responsibility with Payment Solutions

The healthcare industry is experiencing a major shift in a patient’s financial responsibility. This is largely driven by significant changes in the reimbursement model, but there is so much more to consider than collecting payments.

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Trendspotting in the Payments Space

As the fintech revolution gathers pace, retailers must have an eye on the key trends shaping the industry in order to stay ahead of technological transformation already underway. Here, Ingenico outlines seven key trends that will have a profound impact on the sector.

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4 Payment Technologies Hospitality Businesses Need to Increase Security

Hospitality is a dynamic industry and is constantly evolving, particularly with the integration of new technologies to engage customers and improve service quality. Hospitality executives need to be aware of key technologies in the market, including the latest developments in payment solutions.  I’ve summarized four technologies that hospitality tech executives need to understand.

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