4 Retail Trends to Boost Your Profits in 2018

2018 is right around the corner, and it’s time for retailers to start thinking about how they can elevate their game in the New Year. According to Salesforce’s research, 50 percent of consumers are likely to switch brands if their expectations aren’t met. Thanks to technological advancement, shoppers can easily find multiple sellers selling the same products via their smartphones. In fact, 70 percent of consumers feel that technology has made it easy for them to take their business elsewhere. Thankfully, there are strategies to avoid these outcomes, meet customer expectations and avoid losing sales to competitors.

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Meeting Travelers’ Expectations in 2018 with Innovative Payment Solutions

2018 is around the corner and travel & hospitality industry is expected to see more travelers in the new year. According to Deloitte’s travel and hospitality industry outlook report, business travel spending hit a record-breaking $1.2 trillion in 2015. This number is expected to rise above 6 percent in 2018, according to Business Travel News. The Deloitte report also highlights that on the leisure side, households have increased spending on travel bookings over the last few years.

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3 Reasons Why an SDK is a Necessity to Enable EMV for mPOS

Many independent software vendors (ISVs) across a wide range of industries, including retail, hotel & lodging, healthcare, etc., are building innovative mobile point of sale (mPOS) payment solutions. These solutions include mobile applications that allow merchants to run their business from a smartphone or tablet and are coupled with an mPOS card reader to accept card-based payments. To be able to accept payments, these applications must comply with the latest payment industry standards and be certified to securely accept EMV payments.

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