Secure Your Restaurant Business with Pay-at-the-Table

The restaurant industry is going through many changes when it comes to payments. Adding to a regular dining experience, better technology has enabled restaurant owners to bring the payment process right to the table with Pay-at-the-Table (Pay-at-the-Table) solutions. If you are unfamiliar with a Pay-at-the-Table solution, it is when the server brings a wireless payment terminal or an mPOS device to the customer at their table to complete the transaction rather than the server taking the card back to a POS station. This allows for high credit/debit card security and provides the restaurant with opportunities to further engage with their customers.

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What Merchants Should Know About the UX Journey

In the past, my family used to have a single computer that we all shared. My wife, kids and I used it for everything: doing homework, watching videos, catching up on work, etc. Now we all have our own devices, and it’s rare that my family members use my laptop or phone, and vice versa. Our devices aren’t communal anymore – they are personal, and have greatly impacted our individual user experiences.

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