Five Reasons Why Consumer Devices Are Launching a New Era for Enterprise Technologies

The architecture of enterprise technology is entering a new era. Driven by the need for better data collection, faster innovation cycles, and smarter digital-physical integration, enterprises are increasingly turning to solutions that are built upon consumer mobile devices, and for very good reason.

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Creating Magical Customer Experience with Google Pay Smart Tap

When it comes to different ways to pay, mobile wallets have the “cool” factor figured out. Instead of taking out your wallet or looking into your purse for a credit card, you simply tap your smartphone on the merchant’s payment solution to securely pay for goods and services. The payment is instant and the customer is satisfied.

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Get More Out of your Payment Solutions with These 4 Strategies

Payment solutions, specifically smart terminals, have evolved from just being a device for payment acceptance to providing merchants with tools to boost their business, learn more about their customers and improve in-store experiences. Even though securely accepting payments is critical for any merchant, today’s solutions can not only add value to the customer’s experience but also help merchant improve efficiencies.

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