Deck the Halls with Better Customer Service

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and trends are pointing toward even more spending this year. The National Retail Federation announced earlier this fall that it expects holiday sales to climb from 4.3 percent to 4.8 percent over last year ($717.45 billion to $720.89 billion). How can retailers be sure to take advantage of this huge opportunity to reach their sales goals and beyond this holiday season?

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Self-Service Kiosks Are Taking Food & Beverage Industry to the Next Level

Recently, while at a baseball game, I had the chance to check out the self-service kiosks the stadium was using to help with line busting at the concession stands. Fans at the venue can easily order food from these kiosks and once they reach the concession stands, all they have to do is pick up their items, avoiding the typical long lines.

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Who Needs PIN on Mobile Anyways?

While PIN on Mobile is becoming a popular topic of conversation in the industry, there is still a lot of questions out there about the solution. In my last blog post, I talked about the basics of PIN on Mobile and how it works. In this post, I discuss which vertical benefits the most from PIN on Mobile and why. While PIN on Mobile is still making its way into the US, it is important for merchants of all sizes to understand why this solution matters and how it might be helpful for their business.

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