Improve Guest Experience in Your Restaurant with Innovative Technology

Now that we are well into 2019, it’s time that your business hops on the latest restaurant technology trends to optimize your guest experience. Toast POS recently released restaurant industry statistics for 2019, which highlights that 73% of restaurant goers agree that technology improves their guest experience. In addition, 95% of restauranteurs agree that technology improves their business efficiency. Positive guest experiences and business efficiency are critical to the success of any restaurant, but equally important is deploying the right technologies that work best for you.

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Enhance Customer Experience in Your Business in 2019


What are your business’s objectives for the new year?

In 2019, customer experience should be top of mind. 69% of consumers say they will move on from a brand after a bad experience, research shows. How exactly are businesses failing to meet customer experience expectations? For one, 55% of consumers feel that brands are behind the times with how they interact with customers, both online and offline. However, 75% of consumers feel that automated experiences often feel too impersonal. With so many different types of consumers with different needs, it’s important to provide a seamless, easy experience that is also consultative and personal. Here are some ways your business can improve customer experience and keep up with the times without losing your brand’s personality:

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Self-Service Kiosks Are Taking Food & Beverage Industry to the Next Level

Recently, while at a baseball game, I had the chance to check out the self-service kiosks the stadium was using to help with line busting at the concession stands. Fans at the venue can easily order food from these kiosks and once they reach the concession stands, all they have to do is pick up their items, avoiding the typical long lines.

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Does Your Business Need Self-Service Kiosks?

As a business owner, the task of providing your good or service to customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way can seem daunting. Long lines that lead to extensive wait times and busy employees unable to provide genuine customer service are just a few of the standard problems facing today’s business owners. Self-service kiosks are rapidly becoming the solution for many of these problems across a multitude of industries and use cases.

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Kiosks and the Quick Service Revolution

Customers today have become very tech savvy and expect the same level of technological sophistication wherever they shop. In this fast-paced environment, consumers are looking to buy things quickly – whether they are grabbing a phone charger from a vending machine at a mall, or they are printing a boarding pass on a kiosk at the airport, their dependence on and desire for unattended solutions is quickly increasing. Apart from traditional retail environments, unattended kiosks are becoming more common in the food & beverage industry, particularly in quick-service restaurants (QSRs).

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