Location, Location, Location: The Importance of Self-Service Kiosk Placement

Retail kioskOver the past decade, self-service solutions of all kinds—from indoor and outdoor kiosks to digital signage, automated smart lockers, and more—have become increasingly common across industries. Think about it. When is the last time you visited a major retailer that didn’t have a self-checkout option, a major city that didn’t incorporate some form of outdoor digital signage, or a quick serve restaurant that didn’t boast some sort of self-service installation? Odds are, it has probably been a while. 

Regardless of where you last saw or used a self-service solution of any kind, it most likely caught your attention in the moment you needed it. While it may have seemed a coincidence at the time, the business or organization deploying that self-service solution likely spent a significant amount of time laboring over just where to position that exact solution to ensure maximum visibility and use. In fact, according to the 2018 annual Kiosk Marketplace Census Report, finding the right location is one of the top challenges businesses and organizations face when deploying self-service kiosks. 

While providing a valuable and easy to use solution is obviously a top priority when it comes to self-service solutions, the location, placement, and overall appearance of a solution also play crucial roles. When considering locations for existing or future self-service kiosk deployments, these are some factors that should be prioritized: 

Maximize Visibility

Although self-service solutions have many similarities across industries and use cases, there isn’t a single most effective recommendation when it comes to ideal kiosk placement. Rather, the ideal location of a self-service solution is largely dependent upon its specific use case application. One consistency across the board; however, is that self-service solutions should be placed in areas where their visibility is maximized among their target audience. For example, if a retailer chooses to offer a self-checkout solution, it should stand out to customers as an approachable, quick, and convenient solution. The same goes for self-service ordering kiosks in a quick serve restaurant. In order to entice customers to take advantage of the shorter lines and quicker service afforded to them by self-service ordering kiosks, restaurants should position the kiosks in a location that catches their guests’ attention as soon as they walk through the door. 

When it comes to visibility, additional secondary signage, which comes in a variety of forms—from vinyl graphics to banners, and free-standing signs—can also be used to drive traffic to a self-service solution. 

Drive Interaction

In addition to a location with high visibility, it’s also crucial that self-service deployments are placed in an area where users will actually be driven to interact with and utilize the solutions when they need them. Whether it’s service lane check-in kiosk located in adjacent to the front counter in a dealership service center, an interactive endless aisle kiosk centrally located next to a popular display within a retail store, or a thru-glass solution in the window of a real estate office, self-service solutions should be positioned in a location where they can assist users in the moment they need it. 

Fit the Aesthetic 

While finding an ideal location that maximizes visibility and drives interaction should certainly be top of mind for those deploying self-service solutions, the appearance of the solution itself and its ability to integrate with the appearance of its location is also important. In most cases, a self-service solution can be designed to integrate with the existing look and feel of a location by using specific powder coat colors, vinyl graphics, and other design elements. 

There’s no denying the impressive rate at which self-service solutions of all kinds are continuing to grow; however, as that growth continues, it’s crucial that businesses and organizations consider the location, placement, and overall appearance of their solutions as the continue to deploy them. 

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Melissa Harward is the Marketing Coordinator, Meridian Kiosks

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