Retail Round-Up: How Are Retail Stores Fairing During These Unprecedented Times

retail shoppingAs the COVID-19 pandemic progresses in the US, every industry has seen different outcomes. With many states now reopening businesses, strict social distancing guidelines are being recommended. While transportation, hotel and lodging have seen very little traffic, restaurants in a lot of states are still only allowed to offer takeout or delivery. The retail industry has also seen its share of unpredictable outcomes from grocery stores being open with strict guidelines to online sales for many retail brands going through the roof.

Here’s a round-up of retail industry articles regarding how they are dealing with the consequences of this pandemic and the new reopening guidelines:

Apple Has Started Reopening Some Stores, and Precautions Like Temperature Checks Could Be a Sign of What Shopping Will Look Like After The Pandemic – Business Insider

While Apple Stores in certain locations around the globe are beginning to open. Strict guidelines such as mandatory masks, temperature checks, customer capacity, etc. represent just a glimpse of what the retail experience could look like moving forward.

Curbside Pickup at Retail Stores Surges 208% During Coronavirus Pandemic - CNBC

Following social distancing guidelines, many retail stores jumped on the curbside pick-up bandwagon to keep their employees and customers safe. New data from Adobe Analytics shows a surge in the number of online orders with curbside pick-up.

COVID-19 Outbreak Prompts Shift In Email Strategy, List Firm Says – MediaPost

As in-store traffic to retail stores has gone down, merchants look to pivot their email strategy to target store-goers and encourage them to shop online.

HomeWorld Report: Six Leaders Drafting Plans For Post-COVID Retail Rebuild – HomeWorld Business

This special report examines six retailers including Walmart, Target, Costco, Amazon, Home Depot and Kroger that will lead the post-COVID-19 retail recovery and the strategies that will help.

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