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Improve Convenience, Efficiency and More with Mobility Solutions in Your Business

Mobility solutions (including mPOS and tablet POS solutions) have been around for a while, and have gained in popularity for different use cases in across different industries including retail, restaurants, hospitality, etc. Other than allowing for merchants to accept payments virtually anywhere they do business, they have also enabled restaurants to accept payment at the table, allow for personalized service in hotels and even convenience check-ins at healthcare facilities. According to Research & Market, mPOS market is expected to grow by 38% between 2017-2021.

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7 Questions with Jennifer Miles, Executive Vice President, Ingenico Group, North America

Few months into the company, we had the opportunity to catch up with Jennifer Miles, executive vice president at Ingenico Group, North America to talk about her interest in the payments industry, how she sees the technology evolve and more.

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Improve Efficiency, Payment Security and More with Pay-at-the-Table in Your Restaurant

The food & beverage industry has gone through many changes in the last few years. Better technology has enabled restaurant owners to bring the payment process right to the patron with Pay-at-the-Table solutions. A Pay-at-the-Table solution allows servers to bring the payment process right to the patron. Instead of shuttling their credit card back and forth between the diner and the point of sale (POS) system, the servers can use a wireless terminal or an mPOS solution to accept payment right where the diner is. This assures customers that their credit card data is safe as they have complete control over the transaction and allows restaurants to better engage with them.

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Happy International Women's Day: Women at Ingenico

Female participation in tech is growing and the fintech industry is becoming more attractive for female talent. More women are joining the industry than ever before and we’re proud that nearly a third of our global workforce are female. As we celebrate International Women's Day, we asked Women at Ingenico about why they love working in technology and payments? Here are their stories:

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Highlights from NRF Retail's Big Show 2018

One of the biggest retail trade shows in the U.S., NRF Retail's Big Show, just concluded this week. As our teams get settled in from a very busy and successful show, we wanted to take a look back and share a quick recap. Here’s a Storify highlighting our favorite moments from the show:

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