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Hospitality Round-Up: Hotels & Travel in a Post-COVID World

As with many other industries, hospitality businesses have taken a huge hit as the COVID-19 pandemic has surged around the world. The US Travel Association has estimated $402 billion in cumulative losses since March when it comes to domestic travel.

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Retail Round-Up: Digital Transformation of Retail

While many technology trends we see in the retail space have been available to the merchants for a few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated their adoption. Whether it’s contactless payments or mobility solutions, merchants are mobilizing these technologies to provide customers with a convenient and safe way to shop.

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Restaurant Round-Up: Food Delivery Takes Center Stage

While indoor dining has resumed with limited capacity in some states in the U.S., food delivery has found new importance during the COVID-19 crisis. Customers can get their favorite meals delivered safely to their doorsteps, and third-party companies, such as Uber Eats and DoorDash, are helping many restaurants reach new audiences.

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Grocery Round-Up: From Delivery to Smart Shopping Carts

While most retail industry players faced business challenges as COVID19 surged in the U.S., grocers experienced growth. These stores followed guidelines around social distancing, store capacity and even added contactless payments and curbside pick-up options available in many instances for safe shopping.

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Hospitality Round-Up: How Will Travel and Hotels Change

In early April, data had suggested that nearly 80% of all hotel rooms were going empty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It became clear that all hospitality businesses had taken a huge hit as more people sheltered in place and suspended their travel plans. With the global health crisis still at hand, the hospitality industry is far from getting back on their feet.

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