Create Better Customer Service with Artificial Intelligence

Over the years, our teams in operations and client services have discovered that there are three main guiding principles that contribute to better customer service:

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5 Things Merchants Need to Know About Foreign Exchange

Online shopping has become the primary interface with the retail world for the vast majority of consumers. Retail is in the midst of a dynamic new era where eCommerce has broken down regional borders, bringing consumers and merchants to one international marketplace, existing entirely in the digital space.

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A Strong Foreign Exchange Strategy Can Boost Your eCommerce Business

Imagine this… you’re trying to find a very specific product that you really want to buy for a loved one, and when you find it online, the price is listed as €200 or ¥1,560. How much is that worth in dollars? And how much extra will you have to pay for the currency conversion? This situation might be enough for you to leave the website and look for the item somewhere else. It happens all the time, and yet, it doesn’t have to.

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Grow Faster Internationally with Cross-Border eCommerce

Cross-border is one of the most exciting and complex ways for eCommerce merchants to grow their business. In fact, almost all online merchants I work with want to grow faster in the right markets. To help them build their strategies, I always recommend taking several trends and key elements into account:  

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Northwestern University's Marketing Students Explore Payment Moment of Truth

Five graduate students from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Integrated Media and Communications were given the reins at Ingenico ePayments to explore a project centered around the Payment Moment of Truth (PMOT).

Cecilia Aycinena, Yo-Ting Hung, Peiyuan “Suki” Shao, YingYing “Arielle” Su and Jiayue “Jess” Yang spent 11 weeks in the Summer Immersion Quarter learning the ins and outs of data analysis, ePayment software and teambuilding.

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