Why More Merchants and Solution Providers Are Turning to the Subscription Model for Payment Terminals


When Salesforce launched its “The End of Software” campaign in 2000, informing businesses that they could replace IT assets ownership with products offered “as a Service,” a new era began. Today, the $275 billion subscription economy continues to gain momentum, growing $51 billion from 2021 to 2022 alone.

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2022 Holiday Shopping Trends

Holiday shopping trends change and evolve each year, and how consumers make payments during the holiday season change with them. Lines outside of brick-and-mortar stores at 5 a.m. on Black Friday are becoming a distant memory as holiday shopping, like many other consumer behaviors, shifts from physical to digital.

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Perfecting Personalized Experiences via Payment Data


Creating a single customer journey that attempts to appeal to the masses is a thing of the past. When today’s consumers choose to do business with a merchant, they expect the experience to be all about them. CMS platform Stackla found that 67 percent of consumers say it’s important for merchants to provide personalized experiences, and 72 percent say chances increase that they’ll return to make additional purchases if a business consistently offers personalized experiences.

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What Does the Payments Landscape Have in Common with House of the Dragon?


The much-anticipated series “House of the Dragon” premiered a few weeks ago with a record-breaking viewership of 10 million on day one alone. It confirmed that “Game of Thrones” fans were anxious for more – but what exactly makes the franchise so popular?

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Why Tap to Phone Could Accelerate Digital Payments


There are two factors that impact payment technology adoption: Whether users can use it and whether merchants can accept it. Tap to phone payments make both easier.

Why the Stage is Set for Tap to Phone

Consumers have embraced contactless EMV payments. Visa found in a 2020 survey found contactless transactions increased by 150 percent over the previous year. 

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