A Revolution in Payments is Coming, And It’s Connected Screens

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a topic of discussion for the past few years, and the nature of its applications has evolved over time. According to a report by Gartner, the Internet of Things will grow to 26 billion units installed by 2020. This report also highlights that the IoT product and service suppliers will generate revenue exceeding $300 billion by the same year. But where does payments come into the picture?

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The Rise in Credit Card Chargebacks: Myth Busting with Allen Friedman

After U.S. payment networks implemented a liability shift in October 2015, merchants that did not support EMV became liable for chargebacks from credit card fraud. Many merchants have evaluated their risk based on chargeback history, and some were surprised by their post-shift fraud volume. This gave rise in the industry to various rumors, misinformation and theories about the cause of this change in fraud volume.

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7 Pay-at-the-Table Questions & Answers You Can’t Afford to Miss

The payment experience is starting to change in the US with the addition of more secure methods. Restaurants are addressing this evolution with the introduction of Pay-at-the-Table payment solutions. With this solution, restaurant servers bring a wireless payment solution to the diner’s table along with the check to process the payment, a method that is very common outside the US, especially in Europe. Diners will then use the terminal to pay with their preferred method of electronic payments, including EMV and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay®. By bringing payment to the consumer at the point of service, the chances of fraud are reduced as the card never leaves the customer’s possession. In a recent webinar on Pay-at-the-Table that I co-hosted, we received a lot of questions regarding this new payment solution. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding Pay-at-the-Table.

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Moving Money: Consumers & Mobile Payments

Moving Money: Consumers and Mobile Payments

Smartphones are in the hands of more Americans than ever before. Pew Research estimates that 68% of the population owned a smartphone in 2015 and that number is expected to keep growing. In addition to the connectivity that smartphones provide to information, entertainment, and one another, they can also help simplify payment transactions. The availability of smartphone-based digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Wallet have morphed mobile devices into payment devices, while also changing the dynamics of traditional cash-only transactions. Now parking fees, public transportation fares, and fast food purchases are just some of the smaller-ticket items that can be paid using mobile devices.

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3 Things You Shouldn’t Miss Out On at RSPA’s RetailNOW 2016

The Retail Solutions Providers Association’s (RSPA) signature event, RetailNOW, is being held in Grapevine, Texas this year, and we are excited to be a part of it. The event brings together thought leaders from across the retail industry with various expertise, including software, hardware, and payments. As you prepare to attend the show, here are a few things you should definitely check out:

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