Why Retailers Need an Omnichannel Payments Platform


What once seemed like an overused retail industry buzzword a few years ago is now a consumer demand. People expect retailers to be omnichannel. According to research by marketing automation platform Sailthru and Coresight Research, consumers consider omnichannel experiences a must. However, the survey revealed that only 41 percent of retailers provide seamless buying journeys across channels. The good news is that an omnichannel payments platform can help retailers enhance those experiences.

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How to Level the Playing Field for SMB Retail

The technology that big-box retailers and e-commerce giants have at their disposal is phenomenal – often so much more than what SMB retail businesses have in their tech stacks. Enterprise retailers can collect data about each customer, analyze it, and then upsell or cross-sell and target customers with personalized promotions. Who hasn’t had a “You May Also Like” offer pop up on a website or have a sales associate make a relevant offer to enhance a purchase?


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The Next Big Thing: Payments Platform as a Service


The breakneck rate of change in the digital payments space over the last decade has set the stage for a new concept: the Payments Platform as a Service.

The EMV liability shift in 2015 monopolized much of the industry’s time and attention, but insiders knew a whiplash would follow to catch up with tech advancements. Contactless payments were already on the radar when the U.S. flipped the switch for EMV, and brick-and-mortar shoppers were increasingly evolving into omnichannel consumers.

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Travel Lightly with a Nimble POS System

A far cry from the near-empty airports of a few years ago, words like ‘chaos’ and ‘disaster’ are being bandied about to describe the Summer 2022 air travel experience. Agile POS systems are a must in this current travel environment, just as they were throughout the chaos of another type that defined the previous few years. Some travel and hospitality trends – especially those related to POS terminals and other POS technology – that were in force ahead of 2022 are likely to stick around for 2023, but for different reasons than the ones that put them into favor in the first place.

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Will Mobile Wallet Payments Adoption Increase in the U.S.?

Americans often consider themselves trendsetters, but it doesn’t quite ring true when it comes to mobile wallet payments. In fact, China takes the top spot, with roughly 40 percent of its population of 1.4-billion using mobile wallets as a way of paying, compared to about 26 percent in the U.S, which also trails Vietnam, South Korea, the U.K. and India.

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