Hospitality Round-Up: Hotels & Travel in a Post-COVID World


As with many other industries, hospitality businesses have taken a huge hit as the COVID-19 pandemic has surged around the world. The US Travel Association has estimated $402 billion in cumulative losses since March when it comes to domestic travel.

While 2020 might not have worked out as planned for most hospitality businesses, this hasn’t stopped them from innovating the guest experience based on market demands. From following safety measures to creating touchless experiences and more, hotels are preparing for a post-COVID world and a hopeful 2021.

Here are some articles we found that discuss the recent developments in the world of hospitality technology and the changing market demands:

Deloitte, SevenRooms Share Data on Guest Demands – Hotel Management

Two new surveys from Deloitte and SevenRooms examine what guests want from their hotels and restaurants as the pandemic continues to change expectations.

Delivering Hi-Touch Hospitality in a Touchless Guest Journey - Hospitality Next

The article examines how the existing guest-facing technologies including contactless and personalization has been quickly adopted by customer and businesses alike as a result of the pandemic.

What Hotels Need to Know About the Staycation Boom - Hospitality Technology

While domestic travel and hotel stay has declined in the US this year, this article examines how staycation as an alternative travel option has seen a significant rise and what it means for the future of the industry.

The Future of Hotel Technology: Part 1 - The Guest Experience (GX) Spotlight

This article examines how hospitality technology adoption has been catalyzed in the last few months with contactless, self-service check-in, etc. and what it means how hospitality businesses as they move into 2021.

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