Travel Lightly with a Nimble POS System

A far cry from the near-empty airports of a few years ago, words like ‘chaos’ and ‘disaster’ are being bandied about to describe the Summer 2022 air travel experience. Agile POS systems are a must in this current travel environment, just as they were throughout the chaos of another type that defined the previous few years. Some travel and hospitality trends – especially those related to POS terminals and other POS technology – that were in force ahead of 2022 are likely to stick around for 2023, but for different reasons than the ones that put them into favor in the first place.

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Four Reasons Why Transit Operators Need Contactless Payments

Back in 2019, the MTA rolled out OMNY – an innovative contactless fare payment system that allowed riders to simply “tap n go.” A rider (whether a daily traveler or a tourist) could simply use their contactless card, mobile wallet or wearable to tap directly on the turnstile to gain access to the platform and the train. This was an innovative and easier way for riders to pay for their journey. As public transit returns to normalcy since the pandemic began in 2020, in July 2021, MTA logged their 100 millionth tap on these systems. This is significant for multiple reasons. First, the MTA manages one of the busiest subway systems in the US and this milestone represents a good rate of adoption for this new process. Second, it also represents how comfortable riders have become with using contactless payments.

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Self-Service Has Become A Leader in Improving Customer Experience in Transit

Quality customer experience used to be based entirely on how well employees handled face-to-face interactions. With more customers feeling comfortable with the technology at their fingertips, this has changed. There’s been a rise in self-service options across industries and markets, driven by the convenience and speed customers have come to expect in a technologically-advanced world. With self-service options, like kiosks, businesses can improve efficiency, create new business opportunities and enhance the customer experience.

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