Biometrics Payments: Where Are We Headed?


Biometrics today, such as fingerprint readers and facial recognition, are making the payment experience more secure and seamless for consumers. Biometrics have been widely used in other industries including law enforcement, healthcare and voter registration for several years. In the past, authenticating a person came only in the form of either something you have (a key, a badge) or something you know (a PIN, a password). A password is more difficult to steal than a physical object, but it can still be done. Biometrics today also verify identity based on characteristics unique to the person which cannot be stolen or replicated (for the most part).

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Consumers are Spending More Often with Mobile Wallets


A recent study conducted by The University of Illinois found that on average, after adopting mobile wallets, the total transaction amount increased by 2.4 percent and that the total transaction frequency increased by more than 23 percent. What that means is that consumers are buying low-cost items more frequently when they opt for mobile wallets. It’s not surprising since prior research has shown that people spend more when using credit cards as opposed to cash. In fact, contactless payments are predicted to drive global card spend to $45 trillion by 2023.

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Enhance Customer Experience in Your Business in 2019


What are your business’s objectives for the new year?

In 2019, customer experience should be top of mind. 69% of consumers say they will move on from a brand after a bad experience, research shows. How exactly are businesses failing to meet customer experience expectations? For one, 55% of consumers feel that brands are behind the times with how they interact with customers, both online and offline. However, 75% of consumers feel that automated experiences often feel too impersonal. With so many different types of consumers with different needs, it’s important to provide a seamless, easy experience that is also consultative and personal. Here are some ways your business can improve customer experience and keep up with the times without losing your brand’s personality:

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Creating Magical Customer Experience with Google Pay Smart Tap

When it comes to different ways to pay, mobile wallets have the “cool” factor figured out. Instead of taking out your wallet or looking into your purse for a credit card, you simply tap your smartphone on the merchant’s payment solution to securely pay for goods and services. The payment is instant and the customer is satisfied.

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What is Apple Pay and why you should be offering it

Apple Pay® continues to be on the rise. More merchants than ever are seeing the benefits of including it as a payment option – added convenience, improved customer experience, loyalty program opportunities and more. A recent survey determined that 36 percent of U.S. merchants accept Apple Pay and about 27 percent of eligible U.S. consumers have used it.

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