PCI – It Is More Than One Standard

In the dynamic world of payments, transaction security is of paramount importance. When we speak with our customers and partners, the topic of payment security and PCI compliance always comes up. While there is a lot of useful information about payment security available, the industry is also filled with many questions regarding PCI. So, with the latest PCI Data Security Standard update and the release of the latest security standards for payments terminals, I thought it would be a great opportunity to provide a quick refresher on PCI compliance and the various security standards merchants need to know.

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Payment Security Questions That Keep Merchants Up at Night

Being a part of a payments and security company, my colleagues and I have the opportunity to speak with merchants on a regular basis, during which we hear a lot of questions. Some are confused about which payment solution is the best fit for their business needs, while others are looking to understand how they can do more with their terminals. One of the biggest concerns they have is payment security.

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Online Fraud Detection Could Top $9.2bn by 2020

A research paper titled ‘Online Payment Fraud: Key Vertical Strategies and Management 2016-2020’ revealed that top service providers were in a position to cut levels of fraud to less than 0.1 per cent of transactional values in certain major e-commerce sectors.

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3 Things to Look Forward to at TRANSACT 16

TRANSACT 16, the premiere event for payments technology, starts tomorrow and we are excited to attend. Powered by ETA, TRANSACT 16 is known to bring together over 4,000 attendees including ISOs, VARs, ISVs, tech companies and startups that continue to drive innovation and cater to consumer demands at the POS.

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Beyond Stone Walls and Guards: Protect Your Payment Castle with Multi-Layered Security

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Among many conversations in the payments industry right now, payment security is one of the biggest ones around. With credit card fraud and data breaches on the rise in the U.S., merchants need to make sure their payment solutions are secure.

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