PIN on Mobile Will Bring Big Business Payment Tech to Small Business and Micro-Merchants

U.S. customers are no stranger to the PIN when it comes to debit transactions while they shop with large retailers. These retailers are using full POS solutions with PIN pads or touchscreen PIN entry to securely process its transactions. What’s less common here — but is widely accepted in the U.K. and Europe — is paying with a credit card and PIN.

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4 Strategies to Get More out of Your Payment Terminals

Over the years, payment terminals have evolved from just being used for accepting payments to providing merchants with ways to boost their business, learn more about their customers and enhance in-store experiences. Today’s smart terminals are equipped with powerful operating systems that are capable of running third-party apps, which help merchants achieve these goals. Whether you’re a merchant or a solution provider, you should be aware of ways smart terminals can be used beyond just accepting payment. In this blog post, I list four ways you can get more out of your payment terminals:

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