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Implementing Unattended Solutions in Your Business? Consider These Three Things

The demand for kiosk and vending solutions is growing. The second annual Kiosk Market Census Report found global interactive kiosks — not counting vending machines, ATMs and mounted tablets — reached $9.22 billion in 2019, marking a 17.6 percent 1-year gain and surpassing the prior year's growth rate. The estimated value of the global intelligent vending machine market by 2025 is forecasted to be $15 billion.  

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Self-Service Kiosks are Becoming Popular in Restaurants. Here's Why

According to a new report by Tillster, the self-service kiosk market is expected to reach an estimated $30.8 billion by 2024, with a significant portion of that growth coming from the food and beverage industry. Quick Service (QSR) and fast-casual restaurant chains continue to make headlines about plans to implement kiosks or touting success stories such as Panera’s.

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Contactless Payments for U.S. Transit: A Long Time Coming

When people talk about contactless payments being the norm in transit they most often think of Transport for London, which has been incredibly successful with more than a million taps a day. What they don’t typically think of: U.S. transit. But things are changing.

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Guest Services Needs in Hotels Are Changing. Here’s How Kiosks Can Meet Those Needs

In the hotel industry, the quality of your guest service can make or break your business (one negative review can have a much bigger impact than a positive one). With that in mind, consider this experience of a frequent traveler:

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Should Your Restaurant Business Invest in Self-Service Kiosks?

A recent article in KioskMarketplace highlighted that KFC is planning to implement self-service kiosks in their 5,000 restaurant locations by 2020. This doesn’t come as a surprise as their parent company, Yum Brands, had announced a plan for kiosks in Taco Bell only last year and many other quick service restaurants (QSR) chains have either already implemented a similar solution or are actively looking to.

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