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How Digital Identities Might Soon Change the Way People Shop

Proving your identity is typically done in just a few ways: with a license, a passport or a social security number. This may soon change with the introduction of digital IDs.

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Can IoT Help Retailers Keep Customers in the Store?

The Internet of Things (IoT) may sound daunting to someone unfamiliar with the tech industry, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Plainly put, IoT is the network of connected ‘things’ which are embedded with sensors, software and network connectivity. This connectivity allows these devices to continuously collect and exchange data. Did you know that your Smartphone is actually an IoT device? With the steady rise of online retail giants, there is an overwhelming misperception that brick-and-mortar shopping is a thing of the past. Although online shopping has its clear advantages, physical stores are utilizing ways to advance their technology and keep their customers returning in-person. One of these approaches? IoT.

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Smart Cities May Be the Solution to Sustaining Rapid Urbanization – Especially in Transit

If history has shown us anything, it’s that the overwhelming world trend is toward urbanization. In 1950, there were only 85 cities with over one million people. By 2000, there were 387 cities with over one million people. By 2050, the U.N. expects that 68 percent of the world’s population will live in urban cities.

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Retail to Transform the Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be transformative for every aspect of a retailer’s business. With AI, retailers can automate the supply chain, utilize data to drive sales and hyper-personalize the customer experience. While AI sounds futuristic, it’s closer than you might think. Juniper Research predicts retailers will spend $7.3 billion on AI by 2022, compared with the approximately $2 billion spent in 2018.

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Take Retail Customer Experience to The Next Level with Augmented Reality and Smart Mirrors

We are all shoppers in the retail world.

Sometimes, you require consultative experiences where a sales associate helps you to find what you are looking for. But sometimes, you know exactly what you want and just need an easier way to shop. Different customers have different needs and as retailers, it is important for you to reach them wherever they are – in-store, online or on mobile. To keep up with the innovative solutions out there, customers need to be constantly delighted with new experiences and one of these innovative experiences that are gaining popularity is augmented reality (AR).

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