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How to Help Physicians Collect Healthcare Payments from Patients

Healthcare providers are facing monumental challenges. Healthcare organizations must address mounting regulatory requirements, finding ways to efficiently address data management, training, audits, and how they will respond if a data breaches or noncompliance issue occurs. They’re also dealing with technology disruption, which requires them to keep up with the latest innovations to provide the highest standards of care and patient experiences. Healthcare organizations are also addressing rising costs of hiring and retaining skilled practitioners and operational expenditures.

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What It Takes for Your Clients to Accept Mobile Payments

There are a lot of theories about why mobile payments haven’t caught on faster in the U.S. Some analysts say they might not be user-friendly enough — people have to unlock their smartphones and open apps to use them. Others say that consumers are concerned about the security of their payment and personal data. And there are always questions about how data from mobile payments could be used and whether it could cross the line and become an invasion of privacy.

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