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The Need for Frictionless Payments

Imagine you are watching a basketball game at a sports stadium. During the break, you go to the concession stand to buy some snacks and beverages for your kids. You walk up to the counter, pick the stuff you need want and simply walk away without waiting in any lines – your payment is automatically deducted from your credit card! Examples of what I just described already exist with use cases from Amazon Go stores or the TD Garden concession store in Boston. Making payments frictionless is not some marketing gimmick, instead, it is about making payments easier and seamless for the customers; who doesn’t want to skip the long lines?!

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The Holiday Season is Set to Change the Future of Retail Shopping

The holiday season has always been exciting for retailers and shoppers alike. While retailers offer enticing deals to attract more customers, shoppers look to get the most out of their spending as they buy gifts for their loved ones. But things are a little different this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay indoors and not visit crowded places for their safety and that of others. As a result, foot traffic to retail stores has slowed down and most shoppers must look at other options to buy gifts this holiday season.

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Enhance Your Customer Engagement Strategy with These Four Tips

The key to running a successful retail business is by consistently engaging customers - but how do you accomplish that? With major advances in technology, many retailers are turning their attention to digitizing the checkout. While it can enhance the customer experience by making payment easier and integrating loyalty, simply digitizing the checkout isn’t enough to stand out from competitors - and getting customers coming back for more.

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Can the U.S. Catch Up to China When it Comes to Mobile Wallet Adoption?

Mobile wallet adoption in the U.S. is steadily growing, but it is lagging in comparison to some Asian and European countries. China specifically is reported to have very high consumer adoption for mobile wallets, while in the U.S., less than one-third of smartphone users are on board with the trend.

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Fact or Fiction? The Truth About the “Retail Store Apocalypse”

We’ve all heard the rumors: In-store retail is over. Online shopping is king. eCommerce spells the end for retail stores.  

Despite what you may have read in the media, retail is thriving. Physical stores currently account for almost 90 percent of all retail sales in North America, and that number is still predicted to be well over 80 percent five years from now. According to analyst firm IHL, the U.S. retail industry has increased sales by $565.7 billion since January 2017 and showed a net gain of 8,575 new stores. The in-store retail experience is far from over - it’s growing.

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