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3 Issues Customers Face at Retail Checkout and How to Solve Them

When a customer walks into a retail environment, they are looking for a fast, easy and secure experience. But the reality is quite different. Even though merchants put in their best efforts to provide an easy and seamless checkout, industry reports point out that the in-store experience isn’t always up to snuff. According to a recent report from Hanover Research - Emerging Trends at the Point of Sale, even though customers may experience technological challenges at checkout, retailers need to invest time in educating them on the multiple payment options available. Typical customers might want to pay with a preferred method, but if they are not aware of whether the merchant accepts that or not, it may cause some friction at checkout and eventually lead to a negative experience.

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Develop a Successful Mobile Strategy in Four Steps

Over the last decade, mobile POS solutions have evolved from being a cost-effective, simple-to-implement solution for the SMB segment to a key component in enhancing the customer experience in enterprise retail environments. According to Juniper Research, the adoption of these solutions will drive annual mobile POS transactions from 28 billion in 2018 to over 87 billion by 2023.

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