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The Future of Payments is Invisible

What comes to mind when you think of invisible payments? Is it the Amazon Go experience where a customer walks into a store, picks up the merchandise is automatically charged through their app as they walk out? Is it the instance where a customer uses their Apple Watch to pay for what they’ve bought in the grocery store? Or is it when a rider gets out of their Uber or Lyft as they reach their destination and the app takes care of the payment? The invisibility of payment depends on the consumer perception. It all comes down to how much friction there in the whole checkout experience. Do the consumers have to reach for their wallets? Do they have to use their phones at all to initiate the service even though the payment might be automatic?

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This Holiday Season, Let All Your Channels Sing Together

All any retail business wants for this holiday season is their customers to be happy and their revenue to increase. However, over the years, eCommerce sales have grown compared to in-store. With the success of giants like Amazon and other players in the market, brick and mortar businesses have started to think about reaching their customer base in new innovative ways and get them back into the store. But maybe, it is not about that. Consumer preference on how they shop are evolving and they are using each channel differently.

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How to Make Omnichannel Retail a Seamless Experience

Shoppers today want and expect a consistent, seamless experience across all channels they use for shopping – online, mobile, social and in the store. To retailers, it’s omnichannel. To customers, it’s just how shopping is done these days and retailers who can’t deliver will find themselves falling behind.

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Retailers, Are You Prepared with Your 2020 Retail Strategy?

The holiday season is upon us and it’s one of the busiest times of the year for most retailers and NRF forecasts retail sales are likely to grow between 3.8 and 4.4 percent in 2019. With more shoppers come into the stores this year, merchants get additional opportunities to delight them with great experiences.

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