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Serve Customers Success with Restaurant POS Innovations

Point of Sale systems (POS) can deliver as many savory options to the restaurant business as their menus do for hungry guests.

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Maintain the Health of Your Payment Tech Investment with Estate Management

“Begin with the end in mind” is keystone habit number two from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. For an ISV or merchant with large payment infrastructure, the chances are high that they will eventually need direct access to their fleet of payment terminals. Technical teams may be asked to update a newer EMV or alternative payment standard, schedule seasonal advertising, or track terminals for a P2PE Validated Solution. Without an effective plan in place to manage all terminals can result in inefficiencies for the business in many ways:

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Card-Present Transactions Are Better for Your Grocery Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and do business. Rather than going to grocery stores in person to buy our weekly produce, many of us have rushed to eCommerce sites to book time for delivery or curbside pickup. According to the Food Retailing Industry report from FMI, food retailers saw their online sales jump more than 300% on an average in the first few months of the pandemic. The post-COVID world will still see consumers opting for delivery and curbside pickup options when they purchase their groceries online. What many grocers may not realize that they are leaving money on the table with these card-not-present (CNP) transactions. This is where the difference between card-present (CP) and CNP transactions comes into play.        

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Three Common Challenges to Effectively Deploying Payment Solutions in Grocery

If you are an ISV catering to grocers, you know that deploying payment solutions in this environment can be challenging. In a typical grocery store, there are many points of interactions for the consumers, and since these are essential businesses, uptime of payment acceptance is critical to running a smooth operation. Also, the interaction with the consumer at the point of sale is complex from an integration standpoint as it includes additional variables such as cashback, donation options, etc., which now are becoming standard.

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What Consumers and Merchant Expect from Their Checkout

As a retail ISV, you know that at the heart of any retail shopping experience is what happens at the checkout. It’s the endgame of a customer’s buying journey, as they make their way to the sales counter with all the merchandise they wish to purchase. This is the moment that can make or break the whole shopping expedition for both the shopper and the merchant. What is important to understand is that both these players have expectations from the checkout experience.

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