INFOGRAPHIC: How to Survive & Thrive in Post-Amazon Retail

If you’re in traditional retail, you know how tough it is to survive and thrive in the post-Amazon world. Every week, news headlines reinforce how much Amazon is disrupting the industry, such as the fact that 8,600 brick-and-mortar stores are now expected to close by the end of 2017.

However, the news doesn’t have to be bad. There are several ways retailers can adapt to Amazon’s disruption and achieve success by transforming their operations with the latest payment technologies. We found compelling data points in some the latest reports from PwC, Oracle, Accenture, etc. and worked with our Ingenico Group experts to provide you with strategies that can help you succeed in this new retail era.

View the infographic below and learn about ways you can bring customers back to your stores and boost your business.

How to Survive & Thrive in Post-Amazon Retail

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