2016 Payment Predictions from Industry Experts - Part III

As some of you may have already read in our first & second blog posts of the three part series, we recently had the opportunity to interview our partners and Ingenico experts regarding their payment predictions for 2016. We covered many topics ranging from EMV, NFC, payment security, Omni-channel, unattended solutions and more. This is the third blog post of a three part video blog series. You can read the first & the second blog posts here & here.

This video features Rod Hometh, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development at Ingenico Group and Benoit Boudier, Corporate Strategy – Americas at Ingenico Group talk about how Omni-channel strategies will come to fruition in 2016. The video also features Greg Burch, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, US at Ingenico Group as he talks about his prediction regarding the rise of unattended payment solutions.

Prediction 5: The Omni-Channel Strategy Will Become a Reality

Rod Hometh, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development, Ingenico Group

Rod Hometh, SVP, Strategic Iniatives, Ingenico Group“The top payment trends in 2016 will be this convergence of cross-functionality in terms of applying payments [Being able to pay in multiple environments – in-store, mobile, online, and unattended]. This will begin to take root as soon as the EMV migration is a little bit further completed and more merchants are taking advantage of and implemented the new security measures. They’re immediately going to look at how to differentiate themselves beyond that and we think it’s going to be by allowing consumers to pay in multiple different ways from mobile to online and exchange those. Perhaps, starting a sale online, finishing it in the store, or starting a sale on mobile and finishing it on the kiosk. Those are the types of solutions that we’re building and we’ll be bringing to market.”

Benoit Boudier, Corporate Strategy Americas, Ingenico Group

Benoit Boudier, Corporate Strategy Americas, Ingenico Group“You’ve got to put mobile up there because although there’s been a lot of talk about mobile, latest developments, the way it’s now coming – the Millennial generation coming to power in terms of purchasing, that’s really going to be top of mind.  Mobile and omni-channel are words that people have been putting around and talking about for a long time but that’s what we’re really seeing them now come to these concrete solutions in the field in solving pain points for customers and not just being buzzwords. I think that’s what 2016 is going to be about moving from buzzwords to actual implementations.”

Prediction 6: More Retailers Will Adopt Unattended Payment Solutions 

Greg Burch, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, U.S., Ingenico Group

Greg Burch, VP, Strategic Inisatives, US, Ingenico Group“We’re going to expand our unattended strategy into vending. We really want to make unattended available to any merchant that currently accepts a dollar bill in a machine or a card swipe. We also see unattended growing into the acceptance of mobile wallet and we see unattended growing actually in traditional retail. So, you may see if you walk through airports’ kiosks where they are starting to sell higher ticket items. Now retailers are starting to experiment with having kiosks inside their stores to help streamline the checkout experience for items that don’t need a lot of consultation. So for example, you might walk into an electronic store and there will be a kiosk with cables and batteries and accessories that you can walk up, buy the product and walk right out without having to wait in a traditional line or work through a traditional consultative experience.”

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