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Android Payment Solutions: Overcoming Four Common ISV Challenges

Android-powered payment solutions took the scene in the form of tablets and mobile phones connected to payment card readers. These modular solutions provided a newer, more flexible way to securely accept electronic payments. As technology does, the solutions evolved fast and provided a way to deliver new features more quickly.

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Contactless Payments Create New Opportunities for ISVs

It was a privilege to join senior executives from Wells Fargo, Mastercard and Visa in a timely panel discussion on “The Future of Tap & Go: Shaping the New Consumer Experience” at the Women in Payments 2020 U.S. Symposium on February 11th.

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3 Payment Technology Trends ISVs Should Keep in Mind

The continuous evolution of technology and the payments industry leads to new and improved solutions to business problems. As an ISV, it is important to be aware of what’s happening in the industry and how new solutions can contribute to your business. Don’t stress, we’ve done the work for you—now you just need to decide which trends to execute on. Here are three trends happening right now and how they could boost your business as an ISV:

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