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Transform Customer Experience with Android-Powered Payment Solutions

We live in an experience economy and every business is trying hard to emotionally engage with their customers to make their shopping journey a positive one. Today, the market is filled with similar products and services and this pushes customers to pay close attention to the overall experience. How they grade these experiences can determine if they will spend money with that business again.  

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Tech-Enabled Stadiums and Arenas are Taking Fan-Experience to the Next Level

Think of the last time you went to see your favorite sports team at a stadium -- how much preparation did you need before you went? Did you need to buy a ticket online, print it and remember to bring it? Did you have to keep track of a parking stub to get your car out of the lot? Did you tailgate beforehand to avoid spending the whole game in line at the concession stand rather than in your seat?

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Prepare for BOPIS in Your Grocery Environment with these Six Steps

In my previous blog post, I discussed the growth of  Buy Online Pick-Up in Store (BOPIS) in the retail environment and how it is gaining traction in the grocery segment. I also explored how the adoption of BOPIS among grocers has been slow due to four main challenges:

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Four Challenges Grocers Face While Adopting BOPIS

eCommerce changed the way consumers shop forever. Today, customers can get what they want delivered to their doorstep without getting up from their couches. Consumers even took to buying their groceries online and services like Walmart and Instacart have taken over the online grocery market.

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Four Ways Technology Has Changed Traditional Payments

When we think about payments, experiences have changed significantly over the last 50 years. Technology advancements, the need for convenience, security and regulations have all played a part in causing significant shift in the way we pay for goods and services. Historically, only cash was used for most purchases. Checks became a viable option for bigger purchases as it allowed people to carry reduced amounts of cash. Next, came the plastic credit and debit cards where just one swipe changed everything and enabled our wallets to be smaller but our purchasing power to be bigger.

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