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Leveraging Digitization for a Better In-Store Experience

One of the key benefits virtually every industry has seen as a result of the pandemic is the increased adoption of digital services and solutions to streamline processes and make businesses more efficient. We’ve certainly seen it within the retail industry as merchants looked to make new fulfilment options available to customers, like buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) and curb side pick up options. And while these eCommerce-centric options provided peace of mind for consumers during the pandemic, new data from ChaseDesign shows that BOPIS purchases are declining compared to 2020 and 2021.

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Buy Now Pay Later: Add Now, Don’t Wait Until Later

If you’re like me, your shopping habits have changed over the course of the pandemic. Whether that means you now pay with contactless, buy online and pick up in store or just shop online more, most people have leaned into new ways to shop. One trend that is continuing to gain a lot of traction with consumers is Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). With 7% of consumers planning to use BNPL during this holiday season, according to a recent survey. And while that might seem low now, its use is expected to rise over time.

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Reimagine Retail with the Point of Decision in Mind

Retail checkout is changing. As consumers across the globe get used to more flexible shopping experiences, retailers are adjusting their technology needs accordingly. Not too long ago, most stores only had fixed checkout lanes. Whether you were shopping for groceries, apparel, appliances, or computers, you could only pay for that merchandise at a fixed location within the store. While the point of decision for the consumer has always been the moment when they selected the merchandise and decided to purchase it, the transaction took place at a different location in the store. Retail experience needs to be reimagined for the new customer.

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Six Ways Technology Has Changed Traditional Payments

Payments experiences have changed significantly over the last few decades. Improved technology, customers’ needs for convenience, security measures and regulations have all helped transform how we pay for goods and services. If you look back at history, cash was the predominant mode of payment for a while. Soon after, checks became a practical option for large ticket purchases, allowing shoppers to carry less cash. Then came the plastic credit and debit cards – allowing consumers to have thinner wallets but larger purchasing power.

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The Android Platform: What It Is and How Your Business Can Benefit from It.

When talking about Android for payments, most people think of a smart POS using the Android Operating System (OS). The devices themselves are a central piece of the puzzle but there is so much more to the Android platform than meets the eye. Understanding the Android Platform and its many components is critical to getting the most out of Android for payments.

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