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Four Challenges Grocers Face While Adopting BOPIS

eCommerce changed the way consumers shop forever. Today, customers can get what they want delivered to their doorstep without getting up from their couches. Consumers even took to buying their groceries online and services like Walmart and Instacart have taken over the online grocery market.

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Four Ways Technology Has Changed Traditional Payments

When we think about payments, experiences have changed significantly over the last 50 years. Technology advancements, the need for convenience, security and regulations have all played a part in causing significant shift in the way we pay for goods and services. Historically, only cash was used for most purchases. Checks became a viable option for bigger purchases as it allowed people to carry reduced amounts of cash. Next, came the plastic credit and debit cards where just one swipe changed everything and enabled our wallets to be smaller but our purchasing power to be bigger.

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Create Rich Emotional Connections with Your Customers to Boost Your Retail Business

Anyone can buy what you sell, but how do you know they’ll come back to buy from you again? And what is it that brings them back? These are important questions in understanding why your customers buy from you and not your competitors. An important factor that retailers should consider while organizing their sales strategy is how their products, services and everyday interactions make customers feel. Emotion is a major driver for purchases, and an even bigger driver when it comes to loyalty.

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Optimize Retail Customer Experience: Ask Yourself These Questions

Revamping the customer experience is all the hype in 2019 and according 451 Research, optimizing the checkout is central to providing a good in-store experience. All too often, customers abandon carts because of long lines. In fact, 56 percent of consumers can recall doing this at least 1 or more times in the last six months. If you’re still not convinced that a frictionless checkout is important, consider Amazon’s 1-Click technology that is worth billions thanks to its method of capitalizing on impulse purchasing.

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