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Incorporating mPOS for a True Omni-Channel Experience

One of the biggest buzzwords in commerce today is omni-channel. In the simplest terms, omni-channel means that no matter which channel is the touch point of the moment to the consumer – a payment terminal in a store, an online storefront, or a retailer’s app on a mobile device – their experience should be seamless, streamlined, secure and optimized for the needs of each channel.

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Mobile POS: beyond the holiday hype

It’s that time of year again: the annual media fixation on how the retail industry is faring with peak holiday shopping days like Cyber Monday, and along with that, how technology innovations such as mobile point of sale (mPOS) fit into retail trends.

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Marketing your mobile POS solution

Engage customers and consumers for success

There’s no substitute for planning.

To successfully implement a mobile POS solution with high adoption and use rates, a company’s approach should be driven by its goals. And the strategy needs to be developed well in advance of rollout. Major items to consider include impulse sales projections, brand building opportunities and marketing campaigns related to mobile POS efforts.

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