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3 Key Challenges for Enabling EMV for mPOS

In 2015, the US became the last developed country to migrate to EMV – a new more secure payment acceptance system. EMV has had tremendous success in many other countries, such as the UK, Australia, and Canada, in curbing credit card fraud. Merchants in the US are now required to upgrade their payment technology to accept EMV cards to avoid the liability of any chargebacks due to fraud. Many big box retailers have proactively upgraded their payment technology to accept EMV, however, many small merchants are falling behind.

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3 Things to Look Forward to at TRANSACT 16

TRANSACT 16, the premiere event for payments technology, starts tomorrow and we are excited to attend. Powered by ETA, TRANSACT 16 is known to bring together over 4,000 attendees including ISOs, VARs, ISVs, tech companies and startups that continue to drive innovation and cater to consumer demands at the POS.

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5 Ways Retailers Can Prepare for the Black Friday Madness

The holiday season is upon us and attractive deals and promotions are calling out to shoppers to get ready for Black Friday - the busiest shopping day of the year. Every year on this day, thousands of shoppers rush into retail stores to hunt for the best deals and discounts from products ranging from electronics to apparel. With a higher foot traffic, retail stores also experiencing a higher volume of transactions. According to a recent survey by, the majority of Black Friday shoppers plan to pay for their in-store purchases by using their credit/debit cards. Retailers need to ensure they provide their customers with the best shopping experience as well as the best checkout experience – and that includes a fast, secure and convenient transaction. In the wake of the EMV migration in the US and introduction of new payment technologies, here are five ways retailers can prepare themselves for the Black Friday madness: 

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5 Benefits of mPOS Every Merchant Should Know

The last decade has seen many technological advancements in known payment environments. The introduction of point of sale (POS) systems has changed payment experiences by replacing cash registers in many scenarios. Credit cards have become a preferred mode of payment and more merchants are working towards accepting them.

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Expanding mPOS in Your Enterprise? Don’t Be Afraid of BYOD

Research firm ABI estimates that the installed base of mobile point of sale (mPOS) devices will top 51 million by 2019 as mid-size and large enterprises look to mobile technology to grow their business footprint and expand the level of service they provide to customers. With the adoption of mPOS, enterprises can offer greater flexibility and convenience for customers and employees. Customers benefit from personalized, streamlined service, while employees improve productivity thanks to simplified access to customer data, product details and inventory information.

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