How Healthcare Providers Can Reduce PCI Scope with Semi-Integrated Payments

Data breaches have plagued the U.S. market for a long time. Within the healthcare industry, providers are the worst affected. According to the HIPAA journal, 329 data breaches were reported in 2016, in which over 16 million records were exposed. Based on IBM’s Cost of Data Breach Study, healthcare organizations have an average cost of $355 per stolen record. That would put the total cost of 2016’s data breaches at a staggering $5.6 billion. Apart from compromising healthcare records, these data breaches can also involve a provider’s payment infrastructure. If these systems are not secure, sensitive payment data can also be stolen, which inevitably leads to fraud.

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Managing Increased Patient Responsibility with Payment Solutions

The healthcare industry is experiencing a major shift in a patient’s financial responsibility. This is largely driven by significant changes in the reimbursement model, but there is so much more to consider than collecting payments.

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