Five Ways Retailers Can Get the Most Out of This Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is just around the corner and retailers are looking for ways to improve the experience for shoppers and boost sales. One of the resources they look to for trends each year is the PwC holiday outlook report, which was just published for 2019. According to the report, retailers can expect holiday spending to hold steady based on the last five years — 86 percent of consumers are likely to spend the same or more this holiday season than they did in 2018 (an average of $1,284).

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Fact or Fiction? The Truth About the “Retail Store Apocalypse”

We’ve all heard the rumors: In-store retail is over. Online shopping is king. eCommerce spells the end for retail stores.  

Despite what you may have read in the media, retail is thriving. Physical stores currently account for almost 90 percent of all retail sales in North America, and that number is still predicted to be well over 80 percent five years from now. According to analyst firm IHL, the U.S. retail industry has increased sales by $565.7 billion since January 2017 and showed a net gain of 8,575 new stores. The in-store retail experience is far from over - it’s growing.

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Technology Can Greatly Improve the Customer Experience – Or Ruin It. Here’s What You Need to Know

Customer experience is one of the most talked-about topics for retailers today, in any segment, in-store or online. This includes providing choice, prioritizing personalization and innovating wherever possible. But what we don’t talk about as often is the importance of showing you value your customer’s time.

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Technology and Personalization: The Key to Reinventing Retail?

Technology is changing the retail game. Tech Screens have made a natural integration into the shopping experience, whether that be on in-store payment solutions or right on the customers’ mobile device. Retail industry analyst firm IHL found that leading retailers are investing in in-store technology at a rate 70 percent higher than the average performers in their segments. Integrating these technologies helps with things like line busting, upselling and modernizing - but they can do even more. 

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Prepare for BOPIS in Your Grocery Environment with these Six Steps

In my previous blog post, I discussed the growth of  Buy Online Pick-Up in Store (BOPIS) in the retail environment and how it is gaining traction in the grocery segment. I also explored how the adoption of BOPIS among grocers has been slow due to four main challenges:

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