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What is PIN on Mobile and How Does It Work?

Payment technology is constantly evolving and every so often we are met with new terminology and solutions in the industry. This technology is often looking to drive innovation forward and make business solutions better. Two such terms that are being discussed frequently now are ‘PIN on Glass’ and ‘PIN on Mobile.’

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Why Merchants & ISVs Should Care About an Open Platform

Mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions are increasingly becoming a common way for businesses to extend or replace their fixed POS and become mobile. Over the years, mPOS has grown from a micro-merchant solution to one that is widely-adopted by enterprises in many different forms, including as a tablet POS.  

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Let’s Talk About Your Payment Technology

6 Factors that determine whether it’s time to upgrade

As we move into a cashless society, accepting electronic payments is more important than ever for all business types. With recent changes in credit/debit card acceptance and the proliferation of mobile wallets, electronic payments have evolved and become more sophisticated. To keep up with these changes, many merchants are now asking us, “When is the right time to upgrade our payment technology?”

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