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The Future of Contactless Is Now

The idea of paying with your phone or your watch at a store almost seemed laughable a decade ago. The typical US consumer was so accustomed to using cash or their credit cards, they had a hard time trusting the reliability of this payment method. Contactless payments have had a slow growth in the U.S. compared to other developed parts of the world – if you look at consumers in Canada and many European nations, they have been used to contactless payments for years and the U.S. has had to play catch up since.

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Here’s Why Value-Added Services are the Logical Next Step for Loyalty

You may remember loyalty programs in their earliest form: the punch card. You’d carry this card around until, 10 star-shaped punches later, you earned a free sandwich. Although this traditional reward method persists, many merchants are looking to get more out of their loyalty program and engaging in new ways with the consumer. One way they’re doing this is through integrating services into mobile wallets.

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Is Your Payment Technology Partner Up to Snuff?

Innovative applications that integrate payment acceptance simplify one of the most critical business processes – accepting electronic payments. If retail stores today had to constantly switch between their POS app and the one that accepts payments, the margin for error is likely to increase. Staff can become inefficient causing delays in checkout, billing inaccuracies could increase, etc. But most importantly, it will affect the shopper’s overall experience.

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Going Cashless: Here’s What’s Good and Bad About it

With the advent of credit cards in the early 1900s, consumers all around the world have been experiencing cashless payments. What started with these plastic cards, has now evolved into contactless and peer-to-peer (P2P) payments providing additional convenience for consumers today.

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Improve Guest Experience in Your Restaurant with Innovative Technology

Now that we are well into 2019, it’s time that your business hops on the latest restaurant technology trends to optimize your guest experience. Toast POS recently released restaurant industry statistics for 2019, which highlights that 73% of restaurant goers agree that technology improves their guest experience. In addition, 95% of restauranteurs agree that technology improves their business efficiency. Positive guest experiences and business efficiency are critical to the success of any restaurant, but equally important is deploying the right technologies that work best for you.

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