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Going Cashless: Here’s What’s Good and Bad About it

With the advent of credit cards in the early 1900s, consumers all around the world have been experiencing cashless payments. What started with these plastic cards, has now evolved into contactless and peer-to-peer (P2P) payments providing additional convenience for consumers today.

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Improve Guest Experience in Your Restaurant with Innovative Technology

Now that we are well into 2019, it’s time that your business hops on the latest restaurant technology trends to optimize your guest experience. Toast POS recently released restaurant industry statistics for 2019, which highlights that 73% of restaurant goers agree that technology improves their guest experience. In addition, 95% of restauranteurs agree that technology improves their business efficiency. Positive guest experiences and business efficiency are critical to the success of any restaurant, but equally important is deploying the right technologies that work best for you.

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6 Ways Omni-Channel Can Spice Up Your Customers’ Grocery Shopping Experience

Like retail, the grocery industry is constantly changing, and businesses need to think about providing their customers with the experiences they want. This is particularly important as disruptions in the industry have begun to alter consumer expectations and demands.

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7 Pay-at-the-Table Questions Restaurant Owners Shouldn’t Miss

With EMV and mobile wallets, the payment experience across different U.S. industries is starting to change. Many restaurants are addressing this evolution by adopting Pay-at-the-Table payment solutions. Although most full-service restaurants already take guest payments at the table, typically the server takes the guest’s payment card away to a workstation to process the payment. However, with Pay-at-the-Table, servers bring the check and a wireless or mobile point of sale solution to the diner’s table to process the payment.

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8 Ways Payment Technology Can Change How You Serve Guests

Restaurants, bars and other food service businesses work hard to provide their customers with the best quality of food and service. Any customer happy with their overall experience at a restaurant is more likely to come back and may even become a brand advocate for the establishment.

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