Enhance Customer Experience in Your Business in 2019


What are your business’s objectives for the new year?

In 2019, customer experience should be top of mind. 69% of consumers say they will move on from a brand after a bad experience, research shows. How exactly are businesses failing to meet customer experience expectations? For one, 55% of consumers feel that brands are behind the times with how they interact with customers, both online and offline. However, 75% of consumers feel that automated experiences often feel too impersonal. With so many different types of consumers with different needs, it’s important to provide a seamless, easy experience that is also consultative and personal. Here are some ways your business can improve customer experience and keep up with the times without losing your brand’s personality:

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What is the Difference Between PIN on Terminal, PIN on Glass and PIN on Mobile?

Micro-merchants and small businesses have a low number of monthly transactions and spending thousands of dollars on a full-blown POS system isn’t always cost-effective. If you are one of them, you may have been using mobile POS solutions to accept electronic payments to keep your cost down. Over the years, this type of payment solution has gone through many changes – card readers have become smaller for easy portability. In other instances, tablet POS solutions have helped many businesses improve staff efficiency and customer experience. With EMV chip and PIN transactions becoming more common in the U.S., there is a need for mobile POS solutions that can securely accept PIN while still keeping the technology costs down for merchants. This is where PIN on Mobile comes in. These new solutions allow you to securely accept PIN transactions by using a card reader and your consumer grade mobile/tablet device as a POS system. You can learn more about this solution in one of my previous blog posts.

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What Goes Inside a PIN on Mobile Solution?

Small business and micro-merchants across the U.S. are looking for a solution that helps them securely accept payment without compromising on security and burning a hole in their pockets. An answer to their call seems to be brewing up in the industry with PIN on Mobile technology. In my first blog post in this series, I discussed the basics of what a PIN on Mobile solution is all about and how does it work. In the second post, I explored which vertical benefits the most from this technology and how. For my third blog post in the series, I am taking a technical route and am looking to talk about the different components of a PIN on Mobile solutions. This is again a common question that I get when I talk about this subject.

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Who Needs PIN on Mobile Anyways?

While PIN on Mobile is becoming a popular topic of conversation in the industry, there is still a lot of questions out there about the solution. In my last blog post, I talked about the basics of PIN on Mobile and how it works. In this post, I discuss which vertical benefits the most from PIN on Mobile and why. While PIN on Mobile is still making its way into the US, it is important for merchants of all sizes to understand why this solution matters and how it might be helpful for their business.

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What is PIN on Mobile and How Does It Work?

Payment technology is constantly evolving and every so often we are met with new terminology and solutions in the industry. This technology is often looking to drive innovation forward and make business solutions better. Two such terms that are being discussed frequently now are ‘PIN on Glass’ and ‘PIN on Mobile.’

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